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Is it possible to earn a six-figure income on a part time schedule?

My Name Is Bill Hawthorn, And after flipping
well over 100 properties and helping dozens
of friends and family to flip houses themselves,
I have finally come to a point where I would like to
help as many real estate entrepreneurs that I can.

Here is how I can help you right away . . .

In this private paid Facebook group you will get coaching with underground and confidential videos, audio files, PDF's, text documents, Webinars, etc. All completely over the shoulder real life type of guidance so you can see exactly how it all works in the world today on topics like these:

  • Deal structuring and my 7-real estate profit centers that will be showed to you so you will never be left out when it’s time to buy and have low confidence while making offers
  • I will show you exactly how to find the best deals in your area so you can increase your success by learning where the hyper real estate section of town is for you
  • How to do inexpensive and easy marketing so you can find property before they hit the market and get fantastically great deals
  • Once the marketing kicks in (usually a 20% to 30% response) I will show you how to weed out the "tire kickers" and get to the good leads - and I'll show you how to automate it all so it is easy to do!
  • The exact way (and online recourses) I use to evaluate deals before I go to the house and make my offers to buy a property
  • Then once you have a deal you will need a little more help, and here I am going to show you how to do that inexpensively and quickly
  • I will share examples of LIVE seller calls with me (Bill The Deal Maker) on audio files I have accumulated so you can hear exactly how I do it
  • And to 'jump start' you I have a step-by-step beginners checklist to guide you through the process and get success because it is like I am looking over your shoulder helping you at each step of the way
  • Plus, you will be part of an active community that is all about real estate investing. The reason why we chose Facebook to do our training is for this specialized community experience.

And a whole lot more, once you get going and use it all!


What that means to you is - LOT's of personalized help.

Everyday the community will grow, so you get more help each day.

And, I will personally will monitor the group as well as three of my staff members who make deals with me currently, which means we have answers to your questions. Plus all of the other group members will contribute. You will get plenty of help in this group (if you wish to get it).

Plus you will get to see the questions and answers of the rest of the community to learn from. That’s powerful!

Here Is The Fast Start Game Plan

This training is set up to work this way . . .

Most GURU's will want $20K to $50K to teach you how to be successful in the real estate investing business, right?

But I want to cater to the "workin man." Or to those who can’t afford $50K right away.

You will need to spend money on your education.

I mean after all a good lawyer will spend more than $50K for his education. And when you are fully trained in real estate ( like you should be), you will be telling the lawyer what to do. So you will need training!

Now don't get nervous on me.


I believe the reason you have to spend all of the above-mentioned money is because the information you are given by these guru's is unorganized and hard to learn because of that.

Or, they have no real life examples so you can see how it works before you do it.

And they have NO checklists to organize your learning so you get results!

Actually, most of these high priced programs are just too steep of a gradient and set you up for failure before you even start.

So if you don't know what comes next, how do you stay on top of the deal and make sure it goes the way it is suppose to?

Here's the point:

You have no prediction while doing a deal. Until you mess it up? And that is your lesson - screwing it up. So you don’t do it again?

What's the bottom line. You loose deals or money doing it this way. Not good!

I also believe it doesn't need to be "know before you go."

In fact, I think you should make some money from a deal so the activity of flipping houses pays for your education.

I call this SLT (Self Liquidated Training). Which simply means you spend a little money. Learn how to do something. Actually do it, get some results, and make some money.

Then take that money and use some of it to take you to another level so you can earn more next time, make sense to you?

So in this Facebook training group we are going to concentrate heavily on how to find deals, how to evaluate deals, how to know which offer to talk about, etc.

Then when it is time you can move up to the next level with individual checklist I have created to walk you step-by-step through any of the seven ways I structure the deal.

So this way you are never left without help.

And each step of the way you will have a support group like this one to assist you when needed.

Get this . . . it's on your own schedule. So there is no barrier for doing some training, and getting deals.


If you are one of those who think this is a quick-rich-scheme, this is NOT for you. And, it is hard work.

I don't want you in the group complaining about your bad mind set. Or contaminating the group. If you start to do that I will whack you from the group, just like I would whack real estate suspect, agreed?


Okay Bill (The Deal Maker) - How Much?

Want a deal?

Well, keep reading, cause I got one for you . . .

You can have 30-day’s access to the group for only $1.

However, because I don't want the trouble makers to come in for $1 and swipe all of my content and ruin it for everyone else. I will drip the content to you over the 30-days so you will get more than enough training to get you going.

So during this trial period I will prove to you there is no better place than this community to get this type of training - for the average person!

That is why I am giving it to you for a dollar.

I believe you will then pay the $67 per month to stay in the community and actually let me and all the others in the group help you get started, or do a whole lot more deals than you are doing now.

Now, if you want all the content right away, and not wait for the dripping. Just upgrade right away to the $67 per month. And you can have it all immediately!

Just one marketing module I am going to share with you I have been selling in the past for $297. In fact, you will be receiving thousands of dollars of material in your low monthly payment of $67.


Not Ready? How About An Ethical Bribe (Or Bonus)?

In final, you will be receiving a LIVE stream every week on Thursday mornings 9:30AM to 10:30AM (EST) and here you can ask questions to my team and myself. So how much is that worth? One hour of coaching each week?

I think I have made my case.

It is up to you now. So go ahead. Click the button, and let's get you started!

Bill Hawthorn
The Deal Maker

P.S. Where else can you go for $67 per month and get this much stuff?


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