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Is it possible to earn a six-figure income on a part time schedule?

Discover The Secret Methods I'm Using To Earn Massive Piles Of Cash By “Flipping Houses” Without Bank Qualifying, Risk, Credit, Or Capital!

This method works in ANY economy, in any geographic location, and can be done by anyone, regardless of their credit or finances

Can You Really Earn A Six Figure Income?

Is it possible to earn a six-figure income on a part time schedule? Find out what my students and I are doing without using our own money or credit to flip real estate!

If you are looking to increase your income, or just simply take in huge extra chunks of cash, without working 80 hours per week, you are in the right place.

What you will discover here and nowhere else on the Internet is a systematic and simple training system that anyone can implement to make money investing in real estate. I make it easy for you to learn and will even let you look over-my-shoulder, as I show you the steps to start flipping houses successfully.

Just imagine yourself as a successful real estate investor: flipping houses, paying off chucks of debt, putting your kids through college while quickly building a retirement nest egg, and still having time to travel because you’re living life on your own terms.

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Is This Really Just All B.S.?

You might be thinking this is all B.S. – just another make money scheme. But if you pass on this information and miss this opportunity, you’ll most likely be stuck working a job, with little or no hope of getting ahead, or getting out of debt, never having the chance to put the kids through college, or adequately fund your retirement account.

Ask me how I know all of this . . . been there done that! But I learned how to get out of that rut and have the lifestyle most people only dream about.

What Makes This Strategy Different?

I’m Bill Hawthorn and over the past 10 years, I’ve bought and sold over 100 houses for a sizeable average profit, and I’m going to show you how to do the same.

Just as an example of what is possible to accomplish, I once bought a house for $260K and sold it for $260K and STILL made $85K. Yes, that math is correct. I bought and sold it for the same price, but still walked away with $85k. As you can tell, this is not an average “buy low, sell high deal!” Most investors would have let it slip through their fingers…unable to spot the profit opportunity. But because I have multiple ways to “structure a deal,” I applied the correct technique to this deal and made $85K! And once I get done showing you how to do this – you will be able to do the same!

Buy Low - Sell High . . .
Is This Really The Best Way To Buy?

But you need to know something VERY important. There is a right way and a wrong way to flip houses. See, when I first started in this business I got really beat up because I would work for weeks and weeks to put in low offers with sellers to only be outbid by others putting in their higher offers. Way too much work and energy for no pay.

It didn’t take long for me to realize, my offers sucked, and if I was going to compete with the ‘buy low sell high’ flock, someone was always going to be willing to pay just a little more to get the deal. And, more often than I wanted, I would not be depositing profit checks.

How It Actually Happened

This caused me to develop the six ways to make offers that sellers love and accept, to the point that they couldn’t wait to give me their properties. In fact it worked so good I needed to train someone else to do it the way I did it because I was expanding so much.

What I discovered was my system was easy for even a rookie to understand and when trained my first “property acquisition manager” he caught on like gangbusters. So much so that he left me and started his own business!

So back to square one – having to train another acquisition manager. And again it was a tremendous success. Business boomed.

How Training A New Acquisition
Manager Exploded My Business  . . .

Now I hire the new Acquisition Manger and it starts all over again. Me combing through the materials I had shown the last guy I trained. Digging through drawers, looking for books, searching for files to give example deals so he could practice with someone other than my live leads (which I was paying for). I was just totally uncomfortable. In fact, I was thinking all along this is getting too hard. Why am I doing this?

At this point I am running around trying to handle all the leads coming in, plus working with the new guy so he could get up to sped and relieve me of some of my duties. Threw thick and thin, I managed to just keep buying and selling houses and bringing in the big checks and blowing away my family and friends when telling them what I was doing.

At the end of the day this just made me stronger and smarter in the business.

Then, Everyone Wanted In

Next thing I knew my friends wanted to know what I was doing. So I started helping them buy real estate and they were all going crazy because of the deals they were (and still are) getting.

As I’m showing all these folks what I am doing I started to realize how creative and different my offers were. And simple!

Also, each time I went through the process I noticed a pattern. How each person would say, “wow, I never thought of that. That’s really cool” or “it can’t be that easy – could it?” People who were never able to buy and sell a house before were suddenly doing deals for big profits!

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Now It Dawned On Me . . .

I should systemize what I am doing so I can teach my co-workers, family, and friends how to make a full time income-working part time.

That’s when I decided (because there is so much false “get rich quick” information going around these days) that I wanted to take the time to show you how I make these 6 magical offers to buy real estate, live and in person.

But before I tell you what I did, I want to weed out the naysayers. If you think this is B.S. and just another unworkable make-money scheme, please click off this page and keep on moving. Only because I am not going to waste my precious time trying to convince anyone this works.

Who Should Not Get Involved

The other group of people who should not take this offer are those who want to tell everyone their failure stories. You know, take a course to prove it doesn’t work, so they can “be right” about not having any money or success. If you are one of those people that recites the same sad story to many people, or is looking for sympathy for your losses, this is not a place for you – I promise.

After buying and selling over 100 houses, I’ve heard enough of those stories. What I am looking for is “go getters” who know how to make it go right, and don’t complain. I built this system to help my friends and family. So they can get their lives back and not work themselves to death.

What Will You Actually Get?

Instead, I want to concentrate on helping people like you, who want to pay off chunks of debt, put your kids through college while quickly building a retirement nest egg, and still having time to travel because you’re living life on your own terms. And all because I have taught you how to invest correctly in real estate.

Actually, I have made it a really simply decision . . . I’m willing to let you in the back door of my elite club of investors by simply giving you access to a one time only recording of me explaining my personal tactics to a very small room of friends. This rare video is not the best quality you have ever seen, but I GUARANTEE it is the best real estate investing technique you have ever heard of before.

Now I’ll warn you, this isn’t a Hollywood quality video. It was captured on a computer camera in a crowded room on a night where I just decided to let everything fly. I’ve never publicly taught all my most sacred techniques before, or since. So if you’ll be forgiving of the video quality, you’ll find some very valuable information here, which could launch your house flipping career. And it is all delivered in a very casual and easy to absorb format.

In fact, this rare footage where I spilled all the beans was so good it got over 69% of the folks in the room to get going and had motivated sellers calling them with some AWESOME deals in under a week. Some of them are looking at the potential of pulling in a big pile of cash from those deals!

And I am now offering you chance to sneak into the room and get this very valuable and never before seen footage today so you to can get started on your road to success.

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

ust click the button below and you’ll have access to the training. This is your best chance to become a successful real estate investor flipping houses, paying off chucks of debt, putting your kids through college while quickly building a retirement nest egg, and still having time to travel because your living life on your own terms…

Just click the button below, and I promise to deliver you an abundance of information, on several videos, plus the exact form I use to call my prospects (which is a $299 value alone because it took me years to develop and perfect it).

There is no catch or gimmick – I would just like to build my network of investors to work with and have like-minded folks around me at all times. I’ll see you in the private room.

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