4-Simple Steps That Made Me $68K

These 4-Simple Steps Got Me My First
Deal That Was Worth $68K . . .


So most don’t believe me when I say I followed these 4-Simple steps to get my first real estate deal that made me over $68K . . .

What I didn’t realize until after I have coached many friends how to buy real estate without their own money or credit is the simple things I do stick the longest and work the hardest for me. But when I show them to others it looks too simple and they don’t always do it. Thus not getting the success I do. Usually because they think it is not important (or too simple).

Very funny phenomena?

I promise if you follow these 4-Simple steps you will find a great deal.

Let’s look at them first, then I can explain each one . . .

  1. Find a way to communicate to a motivated seller
  2. Make you and your services known to that seller
  3. Figure out what is needed and wanted from that seller
  4. Then simply produce or present it so they can have it

See . . . to simple right?

Your probably thinking it has to be more complicated then this!

Please don’t make this mistake. In fact this is so powerful I would have to say this is some universal law or something. Kind of like gravity. It’s always there, but you don’t really notice it?

One of the most powerful marketing LAWS you can digest is this . . .

Match your ‘Message’ to your ‘Market’ and you will strike gold.

Think of it this way. If you found a hungry crowd that did not eat for three days, think you could sell them Hamburg’s? Think they would worry about what kind of meat it is? How about if the animal was grass fed? Or what kind of bread it is on? See what I mean? You have a market that will just buy your product because it is such a needed thing. This concept is how you should base your entire real estate venture.

All right, lets dig in a bit so I can show you what I mean . . .

1. Find a way to communicate to a motivated seller:

First I would ask a Realtor to give you a list of of the last 12 months of sales in your city (or area).

Take that list and upload it to a good mapping software like Google Maps, or https://www.mapcustomizer.com. This will allow you to mark or “pin” the addresses so you can see where the most activity is.

Here is an example:

Now this is finding the motivated seller.

I mean after all, this is where the most amount of buyers and sellers are, make sense?

Okay, let’s say you don’t feel these are not motivated enough?

How about reaching out to the Realtor and asking for an expired list of sellers. Think they might have some motivation?

Once you see how we make offers you will see why this is a gold mine, I promise!

Point is, reaching out to congregations of people like this – you will find motivated folks.

2. Make you and your services known to that seller

Now that we have some idea of how to reach the market, let’s send a message.

How about:


Simple enough?

I add this: “As is” for a fair price, and on the date of your choice.”

That about covers most of what sellers want, wouldn’t you agree?

If someone is selling a house all they want (in the beginning) is offers (we will talk about that in a minute). This message tells the seller: Hmmmm, maybe this person can give me an offer. I should contact them to see what this is all about?

This is making yourself well known.

Okay, okay, you are probably wondering how do I get the message out there?

Here are a few ways:

a) Send a hand written letter.

b) Put Bandit signs in those neighborhoods

c) Put fliers in the businesses like gas stations, restaurants, etc

d) Pass out business cards

e) News paper inserts

f) Craig’s list ads

Now these may seem a little dated, but they work. And, it will not buy you 10, 20, or 30 houses. But it will get you your first deal so you have some money to get started.

If You Want A Better System, Check This Out!

3. Figure out what is needed and wanted from that seller

Now at this point we need to figure out what the seller wants, right?

This could be with two schools of thought:

a) Just ask them

b) Pre-screen them

Let’s do a hybrid of the two.

What I like best is to have my callers call a free recorded message so they know what I am all about (step #2 above). And because it is a free recorded message I do the work once, then it works for me for as long as I want it too. Pretty cool, right?

I have had the most success with these two companies:



Freedom voice is a little more set up, but cheaper to use.

My message is almost 6-minutes long. So if the caller dials through to me (once hearing the message), I know they are motivated. Plus I don’t have to take the calls when I am doing other work. I always let the calls go to voice mail. Only because I want to be prepared for the seller and give them my full attention when talking about their property. And if I just pick the phone up when they call, it never happens that way and I always miss information. Don’t “wing it,” do it right the first time.

If You Want To Hear My Message, Just Click Here Now!

Now that I have them on the phone I ask them a series of questions so I can figure out if they are a “Prospect” or a “Suspect” so I know how to proceed with them. And not waste time or resources. All of these questions are on one sheet of paper so I can keep it really easy to keep track of the information. Once these questions are answered I will know what offer to give them, and if they will be receptive for this offer type.

This is a HUGE part of the process. If you DO NOT figure this part of my system out, you will WASTE a LOT of time making offers that will not get accepted. See, the glory of what I am teaching you today is that sellers come to you. You are not chasing the sellers on their terms, but instead are on your terms. And if you have another job or career and want to break into this industry you will not have a lot of time available in the beginning. So having little short cuts like this will jump start your success.

Get The Form Here Now!

Now that you have decided the seller is motivated you will want to go out and look at the property and see if it is qualified for your specific needs. And to make sure it is not a dysfunctional house. Like a 6000 square foot house with one bedroom (I’ve seen it). Or bedrooms without common hallways where you have to pass through one bedroom to get to the next (and can’t be fixed). And if the property qualifies . . .

At this point you can now move onto step #4 . . .

4. Then simply produce or present it so they can have it

This is were life gets really good! I have figured out how to make an offer on any house. Whether it is 150% leveraged (owes too much on the mortgage), or Free & Clear (no mortgage). And once you get these seven amazing strategies you will be blown away. Only because you will always be able to make a profitable offer.

Let me explain by introducing to you my the seven offer strategies:

  1. S.L.O.T (Sandwich Lease Option Transaction)
  2. Option to purchase
  3. Lease Option
  4. Getting the deed (Or Subject To)
  5. Rehab retail (Flipping)
  6. Wholesale
  7. Owner financing

When the seller calls you on the phone all you need to do is ‘my little formula’ on Loan To Value and it will guide you exactly to which offer to present first. It is really, really, really simple. You just need to learn to use it. And this blog is not intended to teach that, head on over my homepage where you can sign up for my course¬†Intro To Flipping¬†and I have ten FREE videos to explain the whole thing.

The MOST important part of what I am showing you here is the way these offers work. See in most cases you are not buying the property. You are getting contracts to control the property, then assigning them when fit. This is HUGE when you are first starting out. Only because it reduces the risk of danger by one million percent. You could have an entire business doing offers #1, #2, #3, #4, and $#7 above. And never need a penny to invest. Or need credit. And no risk!

I was taught very young in my career it is best to buy & sell real estate without using your own money (if you have it) so you can learn how to control risk much faster.

Learning these seven offer strategies can (quit frankly) make you a millionaire in whatever time period you would like. When I first started I did nothing but #4 (Subject To) deals. I think my first year I had acquired about 6-7 houses. Each worth on average about $225K. That is a little over 1.5 Million in worth. Think you can do that? And how would it look to the “money guys” when you decide to borrow money for a rehab later on?

The only excuse you will ever have for not doing this business is your decision and your environment. Making the decision you already know about. But, if you have too much “bad” energy in your environment you will not see through the fog to get to the light house. Your environment has to be set up for this type of work. And by environment I usually mean the people in your life. You have to have good support, otherwise it becomes too difficult to get things done. Which only turns into a “too ling of a runway” and you never really take off.

Personally I LOVE skeptics when I talk about this stuff. I laugh inside when they come around. Only reason why . . . I have done WELL over 100 properties using the above seven strategies. So if the skeptic thinks this is B.S. let him pass on by. Leaves more room for me in the Real estate investing space. This is having real GUTS when you can see it this way.

And you will need plenty of guts to to what I do.

But, thankfully, there are folks that want this type of information and will listen to how I have done things and learned from them. Hope you will be next!

If you are the type of person who wants to change your income, and life style with this kind of activity, please check this out!

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