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Success in anything usually means doing more of what works, and less of what doesn’t, right?

Unfortunately in today’s society (you will probably notice) most people know only the stuff that qualifies as common knowledge.

This type of approach (Or information) might conflict with what type of advice you have received all of your life. Indeed most successful people (who get real results) had to chew threw a wall at some point to learn these two very important facts, or get the desired result.  Overcoming obstacles is normally an unavoidable part of any successful outcome. And knowing how to chews threw those walls and get the best results is the real education you need.

So would you say a well-informed guide for profitable real estate adventures would need to come from years of trial & error that observed the struggles and gains while doing it? And, in a perfect world noting the good and bad patterns of each transaction so it could be analyzed and used for the “quick decision” later on?

If you had something like this (a guide) taking you by the hand and allowing you to see good and bad before it happened because of a past patterns, do you think it would allow you to have more success than failure?]

Or, perhaps you would feel a lot more comfortable making decisions because you were privy to information that does not qualify as common knowledge; but instead frees you from the oppressive reality most get when trying to learn this powerful and lucrative business.

Why Am I Qualified to Give You this Advice

My name is Bill Hawthorn and I am a professional homebuyer that has successfully bought well over 100 properties to date. Plus I have mentored many, many, many others on how to make-money flipping houses.

And I have noticed over the years one of the biggest obstacles to success – and real energy killer – is the fear that you don’t know how to do stuff that your ideal career plans would require (like flipping houses for steady income).

For example, you might have a terrific idea for a business, but don’t know how to pick the right name, how to do your accounting, how to build a website, how to outsource, how to do the marketing, and so on.

Or, to be more specific, you might want to be a rehab & retailer (Or a “flipper”) but don’t know where to find good deals, how to get a proof of funds, who will lend you the capital for the deal & repairs without any of your own out of pocket capital, and most important – how to do a profitable renovation, etc.

When you don't know anything about a particular topic, it is easy to assume it would be too hard to learn it quickly. I run into this all the time with “inexperienced investors” (that seek me out), and because of it have developed a few tricks and work arounds you might find extremely helpful if you want to earn an income flipping houses without confusion or trouble.

Bottom line: If you provide the right inputs, you get the outputs you desire and want, does that make sense?

So if you want good input and not feel confused, please read on. I think you’ll enjoy this entertaining analogy . . .

If You Could STEAL A MILLION DOLLARS, Knowing That You Would Get Away With It, Absolutely Legally & Safe, And It Were Ridiculously Easy To Do – What Would You Do?

Thief. Steal. Legal. These are harsh words, right?

Stealing a million dollars invokes images of burgling some mansion in a wealthy neighborhood. Risking the resident of that home. Possible holding someone at gunpoint – or worse killing someone in order to escape. Blood on your hands and staining your conscience forever. In other words: Danger!

Or we could be less abrasive with the concept by using the word “purloin” which means to take something that belongs to someone else. Kind of like Robin Hood or James Bond type activity.

Almost like finding an attaché case in your private train car while riding the Orient Express. It is unlocked. You open it and find one million dollars in American cash in it. There is no identification on it, in it, or near it anywhere. You wait the entire trip for someone to arrive, breathlessly, to claim it.

Or nervously waiting for someone to pop in your train car waving a gun as a threat or in anger possibly with hostile excitement, demanding the case. Endangering your life for the goods.

Hours later, after a sleepless night, with dawn breaking, the trains slows.

You decide!

You place the attaché case inside your own larger briefcase that you originally loaded the train with. You force it closed. Drape your coat over it. Disembark the train as casual as possible. Moving through the crowd, through the station, out to a cab.

After these two examples, stealing sounds thuggish, right?

And purloin brings to mind Cary Grant (Staring in Catch A Thief); Or David Niven (Staring in The Kings Thief) makes it a little more plausible, right?

I imagine a pearl necklace liberated from the rich, on a stately ladies neck. So rich, she will never miss it when the lights go out at a large party with rich guest all in gowns and jewels, men in tuxedos, an orchestra playing for ambiance.

When the lights come on, you are leaning on the bar in the far corner of the room enjoying your martini, a million dollar necklace neatly tucked inside the secret compartment of your tuxedo jacket. Watching the reaction of her shriek, which you expected and doesn’t jitter your nerves. It was foreseeable.

You turn. Exit the party. The valet brings your Porch to the curb. You slide in the driver’s seat. You drive down the curvy mountains cliff late at night over seeing the Pacific Ocean listening to your favorite jazz; never giving it a thought of what just happened. You did it, and are a MILLION DOLLARS richer!

What I am suggesting here . . . is this complete guide is like the briefcase with a million dollars without a name on it.

Only your suitcase with a million dollars in it will consist of done-for-you successful actions and proccess that will not qualify as everyday common knowledge.

But in fact give you the exact tools you need to be worth a million dollars in short order, or like a black belt cracking sticks. I’m talking about information that is so simple and makes so much sense when you see it that it acts like ESP. You will know how to predict the future. Only because once you review it - your mind retains it for use at a later date.

Let me explain . . .

But What You Really Want Is A Safe Scenario Where Colombo (The Master Detective) Isn’t Sniffing Around For Clues When You Steal It?

We’ve all heard of R & D – Research & Development in big companies, right?

Where new product design and development is more often than not a crucial factor in the survival of the company. In an industry that is changing fast (and learning real estate investing is in this category), these firms must continually revise their design and range of products.

This is necessary due to continuous technology change and development as well as other competitors and the changing preference of customers. Without an R&D program, a firm must rely on strategic alliances, acquisitions, and networks to tap into the innovations of others. Which is the harder way of “keeping up.”

Present-day R&D is a core part of the modern business world. Major decisions in firms are made based on research and development. Especially if the organization is new and needs to grow without excess waist.

Sound like your real estate investment business?

Research and development is of great importance in business as the level of competition, production processes and methods are rapidly increasing. It is of special importance in the field of marketing where companies watch competitors and customers closely in order to keep pace with modern trends and analyze the needs, demands and desires of their customers.

But what happens if you are a not a big company with large pockets; or even more difficult, a brand new start up that has no capital or the recourses to do this research?

Wouldn’t it be great to have this information so you could excel quickly and leap ahead of the rest?

But Here’s Where It Gets Interesting, FOR YOU!

So it would be fair to say this: That expensive research and development would not be information we would qualify as common knowledge, wouldn’t you say so?

I am part of some very elite and unique groups that have tremendous success in them. We meet behind closed doors for the express purpose of sharing our most valuable business strategies, marketing and moneymaking secrets with each other only under a blood oath and complete confidentiality.

For me, being in these groups is an uneasy truce to face uncomfortable and hard to confront areas, which need to be addressed to expand and create a wealthy future. But by doing this kind of ‘masterminding’ I have had some real experience to share with others about what not to do.

Why this should be compelling to you . . .

Right here and right now I am willing to divulge (in an over the shoulder fashion) my most inner and core secrets on how I bought and sold those hundred plus houses so you too can do it and earn CHUNKS OF CASH quickly!

But First Let’s Cover The R & D I Want You To Use For Quick Results . . .

How about we call this R & D . . . Rip Off & Duplicate?

Yes, I am offering to you right now to take all of my sweat and tears known as research and development over the years and rip it off and duplicate it in your business so you can start getting those big chunks of cash quickly without all the hard work I had to do!

You may have heard these BOLD claims before “divulging my most inner and core secrets” I am aware of this. However, I believe most gurus’ these days are much like the weatherman. They are “forecast educators.” Or in other terms: Telling you what to do someday in the future not always being correct about what you need to do in every deal right now (when you need it the most) to get chunks of cash!

For some reason these guys feel if they give you some guess (like the weather man) on what you need to do in the future - or, let you peek behind the curtain, maybe let you into the club with a secret knock and allow you to roam around for a while – that’s enough to make you a success!

All that sounds good if you’ve never done it. But having gone through the entire process many, many, many times myself, what you really need is something like on the job training.

Or in simpler terms: A way for you to earn money while you are learning. Good ole “hands on” training with good guidance that will get you far enough along so when or if you make mistakes you can afford them, you following me with this?

I mean the current college education system is set up so you pay a whole lot of money upfront, and then it's on you to memorize everything so maybe someday you will use it.

Why is this? Why don’t they check to make sure you can do it? Why are the tests they give you based on memorization instead of asking you to do it? I mean if someone goes to school to be an auto mechanic, his test should be, here is a car that doesn’t run. Make it run. That would be a real test, right?

Now we know you understood it and can get some production worth exchanging others for! That would be real world activity worth having, I would say, how about you?

Now don’t get me wrong. If you want to be a surgeon or a lawyer, by all means you need college. However, when flipping houses it is not necessary. And most of all, you don’t need the expense of a four year degree.

Then why do all of the current real estate masters teach you the same way the universities do? Big money upfront. Then leave you to your own devices to get it right?

Let me ask you this: How many people do you know that have spent tons of money (or their parents have for them) to get a four year degree and end up working in a completely different field?

You tracking with me on this? You don’t need to do this if you follow this very unique guide I have built from my good and bad experiences over the years so you don’t have to go through the costly mistakes I have made.

I mean what happened to the old fashion on the job training, or internships, how about being an apprentice with real world experience? Wasn’t that the way it was done before the universities went into the big buildings taking huge sums of money?

Especially with blue-collar or vocational trades like auto mechanics, plumbing, carpentry, etc. Well do you think buying and selling houses is much different?

Really, you and I both know some folks don’t belong in college!

Now How Can All This Mean
Millions To You?

When I first started my real estate career it was so confusing. I mean I would go to the REIA (Real Estate Investing Association) meetings. And each month there was someone different trying to sell me a course on wholesaling, how to do renovations, lease option, how to buy subject to, asset protection, etc.

And each month I felt I was starting over with a new business. First I was a wholesaler, then I was an option guy, then I wanted to do subject to (buying a house while keeping the underlying mortgage in place) guy, etc.

I never stayed with one strategy long enough to really learn it. But I spent the money. Heck all I wanted was my first BIG CHECK so I could say I did it to my family and pay off some of the debt I acquired buying all of these courses that were on my credit card!

It seemed like every time I turned around I had another facet of “real estate” to learn before I could get going. And I was getting frustrated because time and money where escaping me without any real results. And I hated it. Not to mention my spouse and family asking how it was going L

It sucked!!!!

What if I told you that you wouldn’t have to do this? Or if you have been wasting time, it could stop.

I’m talking about doing what I did, facing your limited beliefs like “I need money to invest,” or “I need to learn renovation tactics,” or “I need to get a team (Lawyer, money guy, real estate agent, etc) around me to start.”

What I If I Told You There Is A Short Runway To BIG CHUNKS OF INCOME?

Imagine if I could show you and mentor you the exact ways I get chunks of cash to pay down debt, get kids through college, add to my retirement fund, or heck get cash to just go on vacation?

Would you listen?

Okay, then here we go . . .

While buying those one hundred houses I was spending about $7000 to $9000 per month in marketing to find seven to eight deals per month.

Does that make me qualified to be your research and development team?

Actually I have twenty-four methods of getting motivated sellers to call me and ask me to buy their house.

However you will not need that long of an education to get started. I’m not going to ask you for the money or time to get a Yale degree like others do. How about I show you my best marketing strategy that produces (on average) about a 30% to 40% response rate to get you started.

What that means is you could spend $100 to $200 on this marketing and have a few dozen people calling you to sell their property. It really is that easy once you see what I have to show you.

Here is the most important part: I am going to show you how to find motivated sellers to call you and ask you to buy their property. Then you get to choose which ones to buy and sell based on your own personal interest and resources.

And most of the time we don’t need a lender! Very often our seller finances the deal. After all aren’t the sellers the most confident in the property. So why not ask them to finance it? In this guide I will show you haw to do this exactly so you don't mess it up.

And, the best part is . . . you don’t need a lot of money to start. You don’t need a real estate license. You don’t need an office. You don't need a bunch of time learning what to do. And most of all, you don’t need your own money, credit, or risk!

The plan is we get these motivated sellers calling you. I show you a simple formula to figure out the offer to give them. Whip out my step-by-step checklist and just do the next step.

When you are done, you have the house bought and on your way to a sale that brings that big check.

Sound too simple. It’s not. I promise!

If you are a “naysayer” and don’t think this is true, I’m glad. Just stop reading right here because you are not qualified enough for this rich knowledge and should go do something else with your life. You won’t be happy here.

Don’t Worry? I’ve Got Your Back.

I want this to be like on the job training. Or, you not paying for that college education then hoping you learned it and now have to implement it without any of those professors around to help!

Let me explain . . .  

To make it real easy to follow, I broke the whole system up into six modules . . .

Module #1: Finding the time to do this business – even if you have a full time JOB

Module #2: Locating the hottest and most motivated sellers in your town (or area) so you can get going quickly & easily

Module #3: Here I will show you how to handle the seller calls when they come in, and if you should make an appointment to go look at the house you will not waist your time or the sellers’

Module #4: How to make offers that sellers LOVE and (in most cases) beg you to do business with them because it is the BEST offer they have

Module #5: Finding all the money you need to close these deals so you can ‘get er done’ and get your BIG check in the end

Module #6: How to sell the property and cash out with a BIG CHUNKS
of cash on your terms (without banks)

Let’s go through these so you will understand how each will benefit you the most while working on each . . .

What you will get from Module #1:

The real Wizard of Oz moment you need to have is: If you manage your time correctly you can do this business no trouble. However most of us do not take an inventory of our daily activity to see how we are spending our most valuable asset – TIME!

Fortunate for you (and me) I have an awesome little system that allows you to have a job, a family, friends, and anything else you want and still get started in this business.

Can you be a millionaire doing this part-time? Probably not! But, you could get a deal or two so you could supplement your current income and bridge your way into doing this business full time, if you so desire.

Best part is . . . you can do it in short order if you just do as I suggest in these modules. But we have to start with what you do day-in and day-out so we can get some order in. Then we handle the work a day world so you can comfortably organize your days to fit it all in.

Reality check – There are 168 hours in a week. Donald Trump has the same 168 hours you have. What makes him a billionaire and not you? I will guess time management to start with. Even Donald started with one deal, right?

So we just need to concentrate on how you can organize your life so you can start with your first (or next) deal. Then you can graduate to another, then another, then another. See how it works. One-step at a time.

What you will get from Module #2:

What if I told you a profound marketing secret . . . marketing is simple. All you have to do is match a message to your market and you will be successful.

For example: If I wanted to sell Hamburg’s?  What would be the simplest way to do so? Just find a crowd of folks who have not eaten in a day or two and I would have no trouble with marketing and sales, correct?

So Professional Home Buyers (which you will become once you complete this course) just need to make offers to motivated prospects to get a deal, make sense?

It’s really that easy, I promise!

In this module I am going to show you how to find the hyperactive sellers in your area, town, or city so you can place your marketing in front of those prospects and make your offers. Just like selling Hamburg’s to a hungry crowd and a bit scientific I must say.

Actually it popped out like a “jack in the box” one day when doing a marketing analysis over about three years of marketing and over $200K spent. So I know this is information no one else has!

Now I am ready to take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process so you understand how to do it for every area you want to work in. Honestly . . . it is like shooting fish in a barrel.

In fact, we like to call this strategy “Being The BIG Fish In A Small Pond.”

Who would have thought it could be so simple – make offers to motivated sellers and you will buy houses. Now just find the congregations of motivated sellers and you jump-start your business. There really isn’t much more to say. It really is this simple!

What you will get from Module #3:

In the current world we live in (USA) it is considered amazing to send out a marketing piece and get a 1% answer rate. For example . . . if I mail 100 letters, I could expect 1 phone call to be good?

What? This is crap in my head. Why so LOW? I’ll tell you why. The sender of the letters did not do his research and find the hungry crowd to sell his Hamburg’s to. That’s it man. No other excuse. Laziness! Or lack of knowledge like we spoke of in the beginning of this letter!

You will not believe me . . . in most cases we get about a 20% or higher response rate from our marketing campaign. In a LOT of cases we get 35% to 40% response. It really matters on the area, town, or city. But I can tell you it works.

Unfortunately if I do not teach you how to handle these calls, you will waist them. Yup, you will get overwhelmed and not call them back. Or call them and not ask the proper questions so you can move on to the next-step. I know you think you won’t do this. But I have coached so many others, I can’t comfortably say you won’t.

Unless you do this module and learn how to handle (and pre-screen) these calls, you will burn out after about 20 to 30 calls. Especially if you don’t learn what a suspect is compared to a prospect. We “Whack” Suspects and give our valuable attention to the Prospects.

If you do not do as I instruct in this module, you too will be telling others how this business doesn’t work. Because you will spend too much time talking to the wrong people and never buy a house (Prospects). Really, I’ve seen it time and time again. It will definitely happen if you are not trained in these simple techniques.

What you will get from Module #4:

I have found the best way to buy a house is to have the seller make me an offer, and then I agree to it. BUT BILL how the heck do you have the seller make you an offer?

Let me give you a hint . . .

First off, know how to do Module #3 real good, then:

Only make offers on the equity of the property. Say the owner owes $85K on a property worth $100K. Would it make sense to offer the seller $60K for his property? No, he would have to come out of pocket over $25K to sell to you, right?

Doesn’t make sense does it? So in this module I will walk you through how to find the sellers “Sweet Spot” and make them an offer no one else is making; and they can accept.

This works for Ugly houses or for Pretty houses if you do it correctly. It is actually like magic.

When you first start out you will probably have to make about 15 offers before you get a deal (With this training – could be 100 without this training – Kyoski said in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad he does 100 offers before he buys something). The more you duplicate and learn what I teach you in this module the lower that number goes. I tend to buy one out of five offers in a normal month. If I pay attention it has been as low as one out of two offers.

Bottom line – this is where all the money is made in real estate (In the purchase). You realize (or collect) the profits when you sell. The entire fee for this Complete Guide is worth what you learn here, I promise!

What you will get from Module #5:

Most believe they can’t buy and sell real estate because they have little or no capital. And this has got to be the biggest myth in the industry. It kills more “new investors” than anything I know of (Along with fear). Especially if you have not watched one of my introductory videos, you will think this knowledge of needing capital was totally true!

Let me ask you this question . . .

If I were to call you later today and say: “Hey, I have this One Million Dollar piece of property. I need to get out fast. I am going to jail on Monday and need cash for my wife and family before I go in. Could you give me $200K before I leave?”

What would you do if you had 7-days to pull this deal off (knowing damn well it is worth at least $1 Million).

Bet your butt. You would find the money, right?

Well, every deal is like my example in one way or another. If it is such a good deal, you will find the money.

Just like we find motivated sellers in module #3, here I show you how to find motivated Private Lenders who are willing to be pat of your network of resources to help you close on this property.

Another secret: BIG money guys are usually greedy. They want to make as much as they can on their investments. Especially if the investment is as safe as real estate, and pays BIG dividends. And we provide this opportunity with our deals. Also, if you learn how to do what I teach you you will be rare in your area and money guys will find you, every time!

All you need to do is find out where these moguls are and start telling them what you do, and how they can participate. In this module you will find your way to some real good Private Lenders and always have plenty of capital for your deals, if desired.

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