Cute Lazy Dog Hates Alarm

 Cute Lazy Dog Hates Alarm

Do You Hate Your Job & Hate Getting Out Of Bed Too?

How many mornings do you do like Oscar the dog?

Do you find it dreadful each morning getting out of bed facing a job you don’t want.

J.O.B is and acronym for Just Over Broke.

Did you know that could change with a few hours per week?

A lot of Millionaires are made with real estate, why not have those BIG CHUNKS of cash start coming into your bank account? Rid yourself of debt, shed those college loans, or heck why not just add to your retirement account or go on that dream vacation?

The good news: If you do it the way I have done it for over 100 properties, you will not need capital or use your credit.

Here is how I did it easily . . .

When I first started out all I did was take a look at my schedule. I realized each week I had 168 hours available to me. If you take
8 hours per night (56 hours for the week) away for sleep that left me with 112 hours. Pull back another 40 hours for my job (or whatever you do for income) and you are left with about 72 hours. Is this enough time for a part time endeavor and your family?

Once I realized this, it opened my eyes real wide.

Because the next thing I thought of was . . . Donald Trump had the same amount of hours per week like I did. How come he is a billionaire and I was not.

Answer – What his decisions are compared to mine.

So I decided I should do two things:

  1. Spend one hour per day marketing to motivated sellers.
  2. And spend one hour per day talking to these sellers when they called.

Motivated (by the way) does not mean “desperate.” It simply means flexible, and willing to hear what you have to say and allow terms. So if I spoke to enough of these folks I would sooner than later have a terms deal.

I did not find my deals on the MLS (though you could do that if you want to do a lot of work and no terms – just cash), but instead worked on having motivated sellers calling (or chasing) me. I did not (and don’t to this day) chase property. I looked for these motivated sellers, then have them seek me out so we can make a terms deal.

Then it occurred to me that real estate never once signed the documents at a closing. It was always the people that controlled the property there signing the documents.

So why would I seek out distress property?

Why not seek out real estate causing distressed situations that need to be solved. In other words: find real estate owner’s who have situations that were caused by unwanted real estate.

After buying over 100 of these properties with these situations it soon came to light that if I owned all of this property I would have lot’s of risk and problems I didn’t always want. So why own the real estate? Why not just control the property and have all of the legal rights, but a lot less risk.

Doing it this way I didn’t need to qualify for loans, use my capital, or strap myself with risk that had potential for me to loose everything. And, I could “assign” these contracts to whom I want, and when I wanted for cash.

What I am telling you here is really one the biggest untold secrets in the world of the wealthy. I only know this because when speaking to my high power attorneys they always ask how did I figured out how to do what I do. And in very many cases they tell me the law allows it, but most don’t know it.

Here are the seven common offers I give:

  1. S.L.O.T deal (Sandwich Lease Option Transaction)
  2. Option to purchase
  3. Lease Option
  4. Getting The Deed (Subject To)
  5. Rehab Retail (Flipping)
  6. Wholesaling
  7. Owner Financing

If you want to understand how each of these deals work, head on over to my home page where you can sign up for my Intro To Flipping course and I have 10 FREE videos you can watch that shows how each of these deals work (with examples).


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