How I Bought a House for $260K, Sold It for $260K, and Made $84K Profit

In this video I (Deal Maker Bill) show you how I make money with the money, using the real estate to find the money. At first it may feel like a trick. Or some may think this is a scam of some sort. But once you watch the video, you will soon realize anyone can do this type of deal simply and easily.

What most don’t know is this country (USA) is 34% free and clear. What that means is over 34% of all property in the entire USA does not have a mortgage. Which means the owner can do whatever they like with the property. Including selling it to you and creating a mortgage of your desired terms. And Bill shows in this video a very unknown and unspoken strategy that makes investors “in the know” millions of dollars each and every year.


Ever wonder how you can make BIG CHUNKS of cash in Real Estate investing?

In actual fact, the BIG banks do not want you to know this information. Mostly because it would put them out of business. And truthfully that is worth BILLIONS of dollars that is charged in fees every year. They DO NOT want this secret to get out!

For about 5-6 years of my life I had a job where I did a seminar every weekend (40 weeks a year) in a different city each week. I tell you this only because I have been in all of the major cities in the USA several times. And one thing I noticed was in every city the tallest building I saw had a banks name on top of it. It cost a lot of money to have these buildings, right?

So after a while I started to think: There must be a lot of money in money. Lending it, holding on to it for others, distributing it when needed, etc. Why couldn’t I do something like this on a much smaller scale?

Also, back about 50-75 years ago banks existed but they were not as united as they are now. So how did real estate get bought and sold then? I will tell you – one owner would sell to his buyer and create owner financing. This allowed the buyer to buy the property on monthly payments. As long as the seller agrees to such terms, why use a bank?

That means over 34% of property flipping in the United States can be done with this strategy. Remember what I just told you, 34% of homes in this country are owned Free & Clear.

Another little fact . . . as of 2016, 81% of this country can not qualify for a loan. That means 19% of the public is competing for the MLS listings and the conventional type deals. Why not buy one of these Free & Clear deals and sell it on owner financing to one of the 81% who can’t qualify right now for a mortgage?

Now I don’t want to dazzle you by thinking this is easy. Finding one of these ‘flexible’ sellers is some work. That is why I had a one-day bootcamp that explains how I find these motivated sellers. I am not here to pitch you on my course. I just wanted you to know you will need to learn this amazing marketing strategy to make it a steady income.

However, how many of these deals do you need to do before you could quit a job, or build a retirement account, pay off college loans, heck maybe just go on vacation? You choose, that’s the glory of the industry.

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