Episode #40 It All Comes Down To This (How To Sell)

In this episode Bill talks a lot about starting out and cutting the risk down so you don’t lose on the deal. He goes over in great detail why this is. And why Rehab Retail is the hardest way to make money in this industry. And how to tell the difference between when to hold, and when to sell. There is actually an exact formula to make this decision. And Bill covers it in this episode. Then Bill slips and explains how to do some of the paperwork for a few different types of deals. This leads into a conversation on how to measure your time against the money you make. Real interesting conversation and an eye opener. And back to talking about terms and why it is so beneficial when it comes to profits. In final, Bill covers his magic formula to sell houses and all the success. Bill tells the whole system without holding back anything. If you can’t sell the houses you are buying you WILL NOT collect checks. And if you don’t collect checks you will not make money and stop doing this business. Bill knows the fastest way to get your confidence is for you to cash a BIG check. And this podcast shows you how to do that.

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Episode #39 Everyone Can Do It – Not Everyone Will

Ever feel like buying & selling houses is difficult and everyone else can do it except you? First thing with to get over is the “simple” things are the best things to learn. Most of us tend to hear the magic jewels of the industry and discredit them as I can do it better. Why re-invent the wheel when someone has done it before. Bill calls it being a “dumb ass.” Or just do what others (mentors) that of done it before advice you do. However you have to be careful who you take advice from. What qualifies “good advice?”  Results! That is the test. Make sure there is evidence and it seems logical to do. Bill goes over how to look at things and how to evaluate. Then he reveals his secret with his coaching clients. A lot of folks are in this business just for cash. Bill explains what he focuses on that makes the money role in. Mid way through the show Bill goes over the 4-steps that will get you a deal EVERY TIME! This simple formula is how Bill has bought over 100 properties. And Pete & Bill cover these steps so you can glean a HUGE education out of this one podcast. Fortunately knowing these 4-steps can either get you going, or enhance your business even if you are doing good. But it is too simple. So you may not take the advice!!

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Episode #38 The 7 Ways Millionaire Real Estate Investor Thinks

OMG! Bill let’s the fur fly on this episode. The show starts off with Bill & Pete talking about some of the current deals they are working on the time of the recording. And Bill covers how HUD properties get bought (and reveals a few tricks). Just hearing what Bill & Pete are going through you can learn several lessons. Then Bill moves on and talks about how to deal with thoughts and to actually control them so you can win. The unconscious mind at work. After working with MANY coaching clients Bill says the hardest thing to get new folks to do is to locate MOTIVATED sellers to make offers to. And Bill goes over the 4-step system bill uses to buy a house guaranteed. These steps are amazing – only if you DO them. There is no B.S. in this episode.If you truly want practical advice on the real way to do this business this episode adds to the many day-to-day activities a busy investor does. It is really amazing today’s society allows folks like you to find information like this and actually get  results.

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Episode #37 Deal Hacking

House Hacking. Have you ever done this? Bought property by deal hacking. This is not a derogatory term. It is actually a way to find and buy and sell houses if you have no money or time. It is actually a great way to get started with wealth building. This is something anyone can do anywhere in the world. It is actually too simple and that is why most people don’t do it. Bill actually covers how he has used any one of his seven ways to make offers when looking for a personal property for you and your family. It is a great way to get started. If you are short on time and money this technique is an easy way for you to get started in this business.

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Episode #36 (Part 2) $10,000 A Month Technique

So many gurus talk about wholesaling and making $10K. Bill says that is WAY to hard to do. In this episode Bill reveals how to find deals everywhere that can make you $10K within 30-days. And it is on over leveraged properties. Which means the sellers can’t sell the property without coming to the closing with a chunk of cash. So this techniques is very strong because it has a built in motivation from the seller. Once you hear how simple this is you will want to go out and do a deal tomorrow. In fact this is a way to buy & sell houses without owning the house. You actually control the property with having the deed (or the risk). It is much better to control the property than to own it because at the end of the day you have very little risk if you don’t own the property. It is truly magical. In this episode Bill & Pete go over this technique step-by-step so you can understand it and get going. As a side note Bill talks about why the banks are not is a big hurry to sell REO properties and why they give you a run around when trying to buy from them. Once you learn this you will realize the banks are stealing from the entire country and getting away with this nasty way to do business. Truly eye opening and a must know if you plan to buy properties from banks.

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Episode #36 $10,000 A Month Technique

How do you make full time income on a part time schedule? Is there really a way to do this? Is it a scam? Here Bill goes into detail on how you should start in the real estate game. The reason you should listen to this episode is so you can learn how to use $10 as your down payment and get out $10K. Bill & Pete go over how you can help sellers all the way from 150% of its value or if they don’t owe a dime. Doesn’t matter. We have an offer for them and still make money. But what offer works best when you first start out. How to do create an “equity machine” so we can make money out of thin air? When you hear how Bill controls real estate without risk or never worrying about loosing. If you are new to this business you will want to listen to these un-talked about ways to become wealthy. And it is not the way you think it is. If you DO NOT know these strategies you are missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars – NO B.S! Making money is one thing – building wealth is another. Here Bill & Pete help you do both (if you want). So make sure you have pen & paper while listening.

If you want more help, go here: http://flippinghouses.club

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Episode #35 The Six Tricks That Guarentee Sucess While Flipping Houses

Why is it that some people are just successful, and some are not? Answer: It’s knowing what to do. Do you know the exact steps from start to finish when flipping houses? Bill breaks the whole business down to 6-essential steps you need to go through to get your BIG check. Here are the steps:

1) Finding the time to do this business.

2) Locating the hottest and most motivated sellers in your area

3) Then you will need to handle the calls coming in, how do you do it?

4) Here you will need to make an offer, and get it accepted

5) Once they say yes, where do you get the money?

6) Got it bought, now how do you sell it, How?

This episode goes over each of these important steps and how you can apply them to your life. So listen a few times so you don’t miss out on these never revealed information.

For more information go here: http://flippinghouses.club

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Episode #34 Goals & Resolutions Are For Losers

Oh man goals are for losers. I bet that goes against everything you were taught, right? Ever notice you spend a lot of time on this “hitting your goals” thing? So why is it that goal and resolution oriented folks continually fail so much? And why shouldn’t you do it yourself? Learn the most common reason goals drive you out of the “BIG” game and how to prevent this. Ever notice that goals & resolutions make you feel empty, useless, and perhaps spoils your energy and success? And that goal thinking people are in a continuous state of “Pre-Success”? Stop fighting discouragement at each turn. Listen to this episode and improve your life with these extraordinary methods talked about in this podcast. You will be amazed!

For more information go to: http://flippinghouses.club

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Episode #31 How Well Do You Know The Magic Formula For Success

Has anyone ever told you there is a “success formula”? In this podcast you will figure out success is not very difficult – if you know the correct things to get it. Bill starts off the podcast with getting down to offer making and why it is all math. You will learn when to use the math and some good strategy on how to present the offer. Bill drops some of the questions he uses to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Any other “guru” would put this information behind a membership site and charge TONS of cash for this information. But here Bill & Pete let the fur fly and show you how you can do it. Then Bill goes over a live deal so the example is real to you. When using good tools making offers it is like clock work. Actually you can become a “Dealoligist” and walk sellers down the road to excepting an offer. Learn how to get the seller on the same page as you so when you make the offer you don’t need a travel agency to put the two of you together. It is too simple. Which is why most won’t use it. At end of the day Bill covers some of the most important things you can do in the business, and turn your business into success. Then at the very end of the show . . . Bill drops the Magic Formula for Success!

Find us at: http://flippinghouses.club

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Episode #33 The Math To Success

Most folks think there is some “secret” on how to make a bundle in real estate. Actually it is not that ‘secret’ after this episode. Bill goes into great detail how he saves over 15% of his material cost on renovations. This techniques has NEVER been revealed before by anyone. It is material cover in advance coaching. But Bill’s tongue slipped and he has to tell you all right here. The best part is it was simple to do. Just being smart. And now you can do it too. Then Bill goes over how he uses math to buy his houses. It is unbelievable how this works in the presentation. Then Bill reveals the exact place how makes most of his money. These technique along is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pocket. Deal structuring is a major part of buying houses . . . but only after you do what Bill & Pete talk about in this episode. Math is the way through any conversation. And it is teachable. Learn how so you too can make amazing offers.

For more information go to: http://flippinghouses.club

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