Episode #21 Do You Want Commission Or Money

You would be surprised at how many folks work in real estate just for a commission. In most cases working for the investor, doing his work, while the investor sneaks off with his BIG check, others are standing in the bleachers watching him cash his clever strategy into his bank account. More important: They all talk about the investor, but never put their toe into the puddle they created for the investor?

Crazy, right? Well Bill The Deal Maker brings up some valuable points from both sides of this coin. Mostly how he travels on both sides making the biggest checks at the closings every time! In fact, most stand like a deer in the headlights when they see what happens at these closings and wonder how it got to this point of reward. Well in this episode Bill & Pete discuss how you too can do what Bill is doing – very easily!

Bill covers (in detail) how he makes money and commissions (you would not expect) with his seven ways to making offers. And how he devises the correct offers so the payday is exactly what was planned when the property gets sold. And, it’s not very difficult. Just experience has gotten Bill to this point. And in this episode you will gain from all of this experience and move forward in getting your BIG CHECK! So take the few minutes from you r life to listen and possibly learn something that can change your life forever!
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Episode #20 What If Everything You Know About Real Estate Was Wrong

Bold statement, but in most cases TRUE! The conventional way to do real estate is with the Realtor network. Well, if you look back into time you will see the Realtor came on the scene in the 50’s. And, actually, messed things up (not intentional). Well, think of this . . . how did we buy and sell land for all of those hundreds of years before this creature came along? And, better question, how were these deals financed. Banks only came onto the scene in the early 1900’s?

In this episode you will find some VERY revealing facts that will totally stabilize your ability to buy & sell real estate with confidence. Really: Everything you know about real estate is probably wrong! And once you think with the true information of how things work you will become at ease with your offers and how you deal with the sellers. Not to mention how creative you will become with making offers and finding the money to do deals day in and day out.

In fact I would go as far to say that this ‘false data stripping’ could cause you to become a millionaire in short order. Bill The Deal Maker acquired over One Million Dollars in real estate (without money or credit) his first year by doing what is covered in this episode. So take the time to listen to this very informative podcast as soon as possible!
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Episode #19- Time VS Money – Which Is Better

Time VS Money . . . such a confused topic. So many investor’s get stuck because they think what they are doing is actual real estate investing activity. In this episode Bill & Pete cover some amazing jewels that you would not expect. And how it will jump start your results because of these simple little laws and how to use them.

Most important, if you understand how this strategy works, you will make some AMAZING offers that no other investor (unless they are in this group) are even thinking about. Or, know how to do them. When Deal Maker Bill starts to reveal some of his most unheard of offers you are going to flip out. Why? Because it is too simple and right under your nose. You just haven’t thought about it in such simple terms. And now that you have heard this episode you to can start to move into the zone of creative offers that sellers love and except. If you are looking to buy real estate without using your own money, or credit, this podcast has some real raw examples on how it is done by many successful investors everyday. You are just being let into the ‘secret’ society of making TONS of deals this way! So take notes, and listen carefully!

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Episode #18- How The Goverment Is Trying To Kill Real Estate & What To Do

In this episode Bill & Pete go over some real important factors that are happening to the real estate industry, and how it is affecting the flipping business. This hands on experience will open your eyes to some of the major stumbling blocks you will hit in a closing before you get there. Thus, allowing you to keep your eyes open for these major deal killers so you can keep your deals alive and get your BIG CHUNK of income!

In this episode you will learn:

~ Who are the biggest deal killers are
~ How you can avoid taking less during the negotiation proecess
~ What to look for when you have an inspector arrive with his deal sucking pen
~ How to handle the government at the closing so you can close
~ What to do when the deal gets shacky

And a whole lot more. If you are in the hose Buying & Selling business, you will want to hear this episode so you can glean some of the most pragmatic ideas on how to get your BIG CHUNKS of income quicker!
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Episode #17 – Where To Get The Money With No Credit Or Partners

So many folks actually believe if they had money they could do so great buying and selling real estate. I hear stories of what they would do with all of the money once they had it. It is truly amazing how much of a road block this is for success!

What Bill (The Deal Maker) explains to Pete (The Rookie) is how to break down these walls of deception so you can continue your journey to financial freedom.

In fact, Bill goes over some simple strategies that if you really wanted to could have a deal next week helping your finances grow. It isn’t the money holding you back. And in this episode you will find out what it is.

Once you break down this wall you will then see how others do so well in this industry in such a short time. Truth be told, once you have a deal in your universe your necessity level will grow and you will do things you didn’t even know was possible.

Much like the 100 pound mother who lifts a 3000 pound car to save her baby. You too will develop skills like this once you do what is explained in this episode.

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Episode #16 – 10 Steps To Buying + Selling Pretty Houses

So many of us are running around in life trying to get ahead. Working, taking care of family, always something to do, right?

What is you were told you could do these ten steps and get yourself a BIG check for your time? Would you do it?

Well, here is your chance. This episode Bill (The Deal Maker) breaks down how you could actually buy a pretty house (one that doesn’t need work) into 10 simple steps that you could follow and do.

Now I warn you, you should listen a few times to get it all straight. These 10 simple steps will get you from broke to profit in as much time as you can implement the doingness of the activity. See BIG money is made with motion. Money is an energy, which means it likes to move. So if you aren’t moving with it, well quite frankly you just found out why you don’t have more of it.

So get these 10 steps known and get out there and make it happen so you can attract some BIG checks yourself.

Pete (The Rookie) gets into it will Bill on how to do this. He makes sure Bill doesn’t go over anyone’s head with his practical experience. Bill understands it so well he sometimes goes a little too quick so you may miss something. Not with Pete around. He makes sure Bill doesn’t do that. So this episode is the perfect gradient for those who want to make a BIG check or two.
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Episode #13 No Money Down- A Myth, Scam or Secret

How many times have you heard (or wondered) if this real estate game is a myth or a scam? You here these late night infomercials ranting and raving how you can make $20K to $100K with no money down. And they make it look as easy as grocery shopping once you are done with your workday, right?

Imagine if what you thought was a myth or a scam really turned out to be one of today’s best kept secrets?

What I am talking about here is knowing the “nuts & bolts” of the industry so you too could get some of those BIG checks. Well, having bought and sold over 100 properties Bill (The Deal Maker) goes over some very fine points that the TV shows won’t disclose because it isn’t very “sexy!”

So if you are looking for very pragmatic (or practical) advice to buy and sell real estate, this episode will help you a lot. Bill (The Deal Maker) breaks things down so now matter what level you are at you can get some real jewels out of this only once recorded information.

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Episode #12 – Wholesale Dead – Now What?

In this episode Bill & Pete cover the Myth about how you should wholesale a property to make $5K, $10K or more. Many teach if you don’t have cash or credit this is how you get started (wholesaling). Bill & Pete actually talk about how these deals work and why it has become so difficult to do them. Mostly because the banks don’t like it. Too many people are trying to do it. And why you are in the “shark tank” when doing this. As you got through this episode you soon see how it may not be the first place to start. However, all is not bad. What Bill & Pete cover is why not pay too much for property and still make $5K, $10k or more. Instead of trying to find the needle in the hay stack of buying a property for 30, 40, or 50 cents on the dollar. Why not pay 90% or 100% of property value and still make your profit. And once you see how we do this you will soon figure out that these deals are everywhere. In every city. Once you see what these deals look like you will start tripping over them and have more than you know what to do with. In other words: These deals are right under your nose. So make sure you listen so you too can get your chunk of income and work your way out of the rat race. Enjoy!
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Episode #11 Five Laws of Making Deals

On this episode Bill & Pete cover some basic laws on deal making. Most don’t realize the most important part of the real estate business is talking to sellers and getting them to say yes. In this podcast Bill talks about some major point you need to do this.

If you expect to receive chunks of cash from your real estate activity, you will need to hear this episode on the 5 LAWS Of Making Deals. Once you have these fundamentals understood you will start to realize how easy this business could be (or become).

In fact (at the end) Bill slips with a few private secrets on how he keeps track of his leads and why it is so important for deal making. Pete’s (The Rookie) eyes pop out and he starts to scramble looking for a pen. It was funny!

At the end of the day you will need to talk to and negotiate motivated sellers. After all, the ONLY way to buy a house is of you make offers. If you don’t make offers, you WON”T buy a damn thing. So listen to this podcast so you too can get some offers accepted.

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Episode #10 S.M.A.R.T Real Estate Investing

Ever wonder why some are so successful, and why others are not? Or, better yet, why you haven’t got what others have?

This podcast breaks it down so you can accomplish your real estate goals and be successful like other investor’s who have done it. In other words: We are going to open the curtain and bring you back stage and show you some secrets you need to know to get you going for real.

These simple steps are actually the difference between making money, and not in this industry. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you all ready know it, or it is too simple. That is detrimental to your success. The absolute barrier to studying any subject is thinking you know it all ready and not allowing yourself to learn.

So take the time to cull though this short podcast and actually do what Bill & Pete are talking about. And we promise, it will be like magic. Your life will turn the corner and get you into action. Doing what you want to do.

Best thing that can happen to you is you get into motion. Start doing things. Soon you will realize your moral on the subject will go up and good things will happen.

Production is the basis of moral, so take your time on this podcast and get it right so you too can get your CHUNKS OF CASH!

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